Veracity Networks Brings Greater Bandwidth to Utah Businesses

Veracity Networks Brings Greater Bandwidth to Utah Businesses

Products VEoC and ADSL2+ introduce new era of telecom technology

Provo, Utah – Jan. 4, 2011 – Veracity Networks, a leading Utah telecommunications provider, has launched two new internet products called Ethernet over Copper (VEoC) and ADSL2+ (V.ADSL2+). Meeting clients’ expressed needs for increased bandwidth, these Veracity Networks products provide Utah businesses with industry leading internet speed at an affordable price without limitations of outdated T-1’s and DSL.

“Veracity recognizes that businesses have varying telecommunications needs and that it takes a variety of products to meet those expectations,” said Drew Peterson, CEO of Veracity Networks. “Whether telephone, video and internet services are needed, these products are the first of their kind and provide Utahns a great alternative to fiber. With faster speed at a lower cost, the VEoC and ADSL2+ products give Veracity customers a valuable competitive advantage.”

The Ethernet over Copper (VEoC) product provides customers with a dedicated IP connection using existing copper infrastructure. It maximizes telecommunication capacity, enhances quality and prevents connection interruptions even if one or more wires are damaged. With speed options from 5 Mbps to 20 Mbps, companies can incrementally increase their capacity as their demand for bandwidth grows without costly network expansions or installations. This new VEoC technology offers internet speeds that were previously available only to fiber-optic customers.
Veracity’s ADSL2+ (V.ADSL2+) introduces a new genre of DSL technology by amplifying traditional signals up to three times digitally. It employs existing infrastructures widely available in most areas, ensuring maximum coverage while eliminating the need to invest in costly build-outs. V.ADSL2+ is considered by Veracity as the next generation replacement to DSL and offers unsurpassed connectivity, reliability, scalability and speed.
Both products have been launched in American Fork but are also available at other locations statewide such as Ogden, Kaysville, Bountiful, Salt Lake, Midvale, Murray, Orem, Provo, St. George and others.
For more information regarding these and other Veracity products, visit Veracity’s new website at or call 801-379-3000 for personal assistance. During the month of January, Veracity is also providing complimentary lunch at Costa Vida for companies that signup for free bill analysis to learn how different telecommunications tactics can reduce overall costs.

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