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VCaaS - Fully Managed Hosted Solutions - Veracity Networks

VCaaS – Fully Managed Hosted Solutions

Opening a new branch office? Congratulations! Your receptionist still has to handle all incoming calls, but now your sales and support teams are dispersed across locations. There will be many calls between the two sites.


Veracity Hosted has the answer! In the past you would have purchased an additional on-premises system and incur call costs between the sites.With Veracity Hosted, your business communications services can be extended to support the new office as well as remote and home offices. All internal calls are free of charge and extension dialing can be used to reach all colleagues. Your receptionist can easily handle calls for everyone. You are a unified and professional organization.

Feature Rich

Home Offices

Internal Calls


Starting a new sales campaign? Your business has recently launched an advertising campaign for a new product. You’re expecting a significant spike in call volumes.

Veracity Hosted has the answer! With the web-based admin portal, your administrator can easily modify services like auto attendants and hunt groups for efficient call handling across sales and customer service teams. Veracity Hosted reports give you up to the minute information on call volumes and service levels.

Admin Portal

Auto Attendant

Hunt Groups

Hosted Reports

Missing important sales calls? On-the-go workers depend on their mobile devices to conduct their daily tasks and integrating them into the business’ communications infrastructure is essential. Productivity depends on staying connected with sales personnel, executives and others working in the field.


Veracity Hosted has the answer! Veracity Hosted ensures your mobile workers never have to miss a call! Our Office Anywhere feature enables you to make and take business calls no matter where you are. With our mobile and desktop clients, users can have multiple devices with a single identity. Calls can be seamlessly moved between mobile and desk phones giving users flexibility in how they start and end the call.


Mobile Workers

Multiple Devices

Single Identity

VCaaS – Benefits of a Hosted Solutions




When a conventional phone system becomes outdated our breaks down, it can lead to enormous capital expenditures or repair cost. On the other hand, Veracity’s hosted systems contain multiple points of redundancy. Each point of redundancy acts as a separate safety net should one aspect of the system fail. Your company can focus on business, rather than wasting resources on maintaining their phone system.


Off-Premise Advantage

With Veracity hosted phones, your telephone infrastructure is housed with Veracity instead of in your closet. This creates numerous advantages. With legacy phone systems, companies incur significant capital costs when purchasing, installing, and upgrading. Veracity hosted phone systems are more practical at a low monthly charge per phone.


Feature Packed

Veracity Unified Communications offers many features not available on a traditional phone system. Features such as, instant messaging, video conferencing, voicemail to email transfer. Veracity hosted phones also provide call tracking, recording, and reporting on outgoing and incoming calls. You company can also continue its day-to-day operation uninterrupted while updates are implemented automatically.


VCaaS – Benefits of a Hosted Solutions

With limited budget and resource availability, it’s critical to find cost effective ways to manage your business communications systems. Cloud-based services are the answer, providing a reliable, high quality business communications service that will allow you to:

• Leverage feature-rich, enterprise class services.
• Easily manage your service.
• Reduce and control communications costs.


Managing Veracity Hosted Is Easy!

Veracity Hosted is designed for small and medium sized businesses, with a complete suite of business communications features delivered from the cloud. It enables you to keep in close contact with your customers, partners, suppliers and staff from any location.



With Veracity Hosted, IP phones are easily installed with plug-and-play activation. An administrator portal enables you to make company-wide or site-specific changes without contacting your service provider. Plus, end-users get their own portal to make changes to mobility, voicemail, and other call handling rules without having to contact an admin or help desk.

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