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UC-One My Room - Veracity Networks

In a mobile world, you need a platform that keeps your team in sync and collaborative while on-the-go. You need My Room.

Remove barriers to collaboration by using a communications platform that’s easy to use, accessible and highly efficient.

Both individuals and teams need to collaborate to move business forward. My Room keeps things moving.

Meet the need for effective collaboration.

Collaboration is an important part of business. You need it so you can meet deadlines, get plans approved to move forward, fine-tune details on projects and discuss big-picture solutions. It’s key to not only getting work done, but also making sure that your team experiences fulfillment in their working environment. This is why My Room has been engineered for collaboration.

Access the conference room wherever you are.

You want all the benefits of face-to-face collaboration without the headache of corralling a group of on-the-go people into the same room, at the same time. We get it. That’s why we created My Room. It’s a system that can turn any room into an interactive space with the ease of a single click. Now, all those on-the-go people can come together no matter where they are.

Benefit from an integrated communications tool.

As a part of unified communications, My Room’s collaboration suite is an integrated environment designed specifically for productive communication—complete with voice, video, chat and sharing. Now you can work and see your team wherever you are.

Ready to start breaking barriers?

Unified communications makes for a more unified team. Have questions about how My Room can help keep your team together? Contact Veracity. We’re integration experts.

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