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UC-One - Veracity Networks

In modern business, missed communications are lost opportunities—stop missing out.

BroadSoft UC-One helps you simplify your business phone system and still get a serious upgrade in reliable technology that optimizes communications.

Staying connected doesn’t have to be so complicated. Now there’s a system that combines all your communications.

Find out what real multitasking can do.

Switching between apps on your smartphone is one thing, but imagine if that kind of multitasking was available within your company network. See how BroadSoft combines all types of communication with the business applications you use every day to make your job easier and make work more effective. This is professional multitasking.

Ditch the separate numbers.

Having different desk, mobile phone and home numbers can be a hassle (that’s 27 digits to remember). With Veracity powered by BroadSoft, you can upgrade to a single number and applications that covers all your phones and preferred devices. When there’s one reliable way to reach you, you’ll always be part of the conversation.

Simplify the way you do business.

We know that good communication doesn’t happen in isolation. BroadSoft created a hub application to bring all your communications and business apps together. Nobody gets left out. Your files, notes and work content are there, too. Welcome to the party.

Experience the network that meets your every need.

In an increasingly mobile world, keeping your team connected is really a make-it or break-it situation. With Broadsoft, you’ll have all the tools you need to secure business success.

Want to know more about UC-One?

BroadSoft UC-One can put all your communications in one place. It seems like a tricky process, but we can clue you in. Contact Veracity today.

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