Switching to Hosted doesn’t have to hurt.

When your business is relocating or just getting started, don’t let an outmoded phone slow you down. Come to the Cloud.

 You’re making changes in your business and you want to minimize disruption, eliminate confusion and avoid unnecessary downtime. A little growing pain may seem inevitable, but with some planning before, during and after your move, this discomfort is optional. Start looking ahead. Check out BroadSoft’s High-Level Phone Relocation Checklist to find out what you need to do before, after and on moving day.

It’s hard to get anything done when your telecom is down. Communication is the only way things stay in motion. So, how do you keep the ball rolling? Your team needs a reliable private branch exchange (PBX) to collaborate and your customers need to reach you on a network that never sleeps: the cloud. Our Hosted Cloud and PBX solutions take the pressure off of you; you are the small or medium-sized business owner. When your service provider keeps the ball rolling (by handling all the scaling up, scaling down, installing and updating features) you can keep your company on track.

Modern companies have to move fast. Luckily, a move is the perfect time to go Hosted and unify your communications. There’s no more missing out and no more slowing down when you work in the Cloud. In fact, our Hosted service grants access to the latest features and applications from the Cloud.

We think that every twenty-first century enterprise needs the newest apps to match—don’t you? Meet BroadSoft UC-One. It’s the simple next step that makes the switch to Hosted so easy. BroadSoft UC-One keeps all your favorite methods of communication in one place, along with an upgrade to a single number that covers all your phones and preferred devices. UC even offers the business applications you use every day. See? It’s not so different from your old business telephony routine—it’s just a lot faster and more reliable.

To us, the choice is obvious. The Cloud is where important conversations is going. We’re not alone, either. A stunning 90% of businesses are expected to move to their communication to the Cloud in the coming two years. Don’t wait to join the percentage. The sooner your new business phone system is up and running, the sooner you can get back to what matters: your business.

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