Strong brands have strong priorities.

Use SD-WAN to separate the network traffic you want from the static.

Can you remember what your online experience was like ten years ago? What about five years ago? All of your favorite websites and applications looked a lot different—some of them didn’t even exist. Hardware took up more space, downloads took more time, and everything was less secure. Fast forward to today. Devices are smaller, files are bigger, and networks can securely accommodate huge amounts of online traffic. 

This technologically-advanced reality offers not only a personal upgrade, but also a professional one. Many of the communicative tools we enjoy with friends and family (connecting multiple devices, high-quality video chat, screen-sharing, exchanging payments, etc.) can also be used in business telephony. Pretty cool. Tech upgrades have some strings attached, though. With so much digital data on the move, you’re bound to receive some junk mail or the occasional wrong number. That’s no big deal for one person, but say we scale things up; think about your company.

Does every one of your employees know what a telemarketer sounds like? Can your team avoid every email virus and online scam they encounter? Ideally, they won’t have to. Your service provider should eliminate these inconveniences before they get to your office. The standard operating procedure for handling network traffic has to look different for a business.

As an industry-leader in telecom, we at Veracity offer our clients an advanced automation from VeloCloud called “outcome-driven networking.” An Outcome-Driven SD-WAN Network has the ability to evaluate and prioritize your incoming data according to importance, using automated, intelligent, machine-learning. Put simply: it only gives you the good stuff. Spam emails that say “Congratulations, you’ve won a million dollars!” don’t get the same bandwidth as an incoming video call from a big client.  

Invest in better outcomes. You don’t have to let your expert staff do the work that a network already does. Your people will be happier and more productive while using the skills that you hired them for. Your IT department is going to be especially happy when they no longer have to “manually configure all the tasks associated with the outcome” of network traffic. When your network has strong priorities, so does your business.

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