Stop procrastinating a better business.

Just because it isn’t broken, doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed.

We’re guessing that your current phone system is functional, but not futuristic. You might think that the old-fashioned IT is just fine—but once you see what modern telecom is capable of, you’ll never look back. Good brands deserve the Unified Communications (UC) to match. This is why more and more companies are taking their communications to the Cloud. Veracity’s Unified Communications as a Service (VCaaS) is part of this growing market, which is expected to grow into a $28B industry in the US by the year 2021. That’s only 3 years away! (We’re pretty excited about it.)

Peer pressure aside, why jump on the Hosted train? We can show you. When it comes down to details, the benefits of Cloud PBX far outweigh the cost. For starters, the Cloud makes your old-school on-site PBX obsolete. Say goodbye to countless wires and complicated hardware. You’re not going to miss all that expensive maintenance. The next perk: video. Welcome to the modern meeting. Your team can video chat, message, and collaborate online. Now, your employees have cohesion and a competitive edge. Now, let’s talk cell phones. We can’t discuss modern UC without touching on these little innovations: apps. Veracity’s partnership with BroadSoft means that you can give your business mobile access to UC-One—a suite of communications and collaboration apps—all bundled up in a highly stable shared security model.

Alright, that all sounds pretty great, but what about the move itself? IT upgrades are usually a big headache. Good news: Veracity will house your new telephone system. With our Hosted phones, the infrastructure is housed at our facility and not in your closet. No more unnecessary purchasing, installing, and upgrading. Additionally, Veracity installs IP phones with something we like to call “plug-and-play” activation. An admin portal enables you to make company-wide or device-specific alterations, without having to contact the service provider. As a bonus, your end-users get their own portal to make changes to things like voicemail and other personalized functions, without having to bother the admin or a help desk. We love doing business without any red tape.

It’s clear that VCaaS could mean a great deal for your businesses. The days of expensive infrastructure and hardware fixes are drawing to a close. It comes as no surprise that Cloud migration is happening all around us. Give your brand access to a powerful, secure, and constantly connected telecom solution. We can’t wait to hear from you.


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