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Privacy Protection - Veracity Networks

Privacy Protection



Veracity Networks has always been committed to safeguarding customer information and protecting customer privacy. In furtherance of this commitment, Veracity Networks complies with federal laws regarding the protection of customer account information, also known under federal law as “Customer Proprietary Network Information” or CPNI.

At Veracity Networks, we refer to this information as “account information”. Account information includes information about a customer’s services and their use of those services, as well as general billing information, such as account number, telephone number, bill amount and address. Information that pertains to the transmission of specific telephone calls, such as the number called (or called from), the time, location or duration of a call is called “call-detail information”. Under federal and state law, Veracity Networks is obligated to preserving the confidentiality of this information, and Veracity Networks is committed to doing so.


In order to better serve your specific communication needs, and to provide you with access to innovative products and services, we would like to share some of your CPNI with affiliates within the Veracity Networks corporate family. You have a right to keep your CPNI private by “opting-out”. You may opt-out by contacting us by telephone at 801-691-5800, or by mail at 744 N 300 W, Provo, UT. Unless you provide us with notice that you wish to opt-out within thirty (30) days of us providing this notice to you, we will assume that you give Veracity Networks the right to share your CPNI with its affiliates. CPNI will not be shared with unrelated third parties unless required by law. If you do not opt-out, your consent will remain valid until we receive a notice expressing your intent to opt out.

Recent Regulatory Changes:

Recently, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has implemented changes in its rules regarding CPNI. The FCC now requires that carriers implement stricter procedures to verify the identity of callers who want to discuss call-detail information or to engage in online transactions that would allow access to account information generally.

Calls By Customer to Customer Service:

Previously, carriers were permitted to discuss customers’ service and billings (including call detail information) once the carrier had verified the caller’s identity through questions about account information know to the company and customer (such as social security number). However, under the new rules, carriers are prohibited from releasing call detail information based on customer-initiated telephone contact, except under the following circumstances: (1) when a customer provides a pre-established password; (2) when a customer requests that the information be sent to the customer’s address of record; or (3) when a carrier calls the telephone number of record and discloses the information. Additionally, when a customer provides the call detail to the company representative without any assistance from the carrier, the company representative is permitted to discuss the call detail information provided by the customer.

Online Access to Account Information:

Prior to allowing a customer online access to account information, the company must authenticate a customer without the use of account information or readily available biographical information, such as social security number, mother’s maiden name, home address or date of birth. Therefore, customers seeking online access to account information need a password before access can be permitted. Veracity Networks is providing new customers with security codes they can use to establish online accounts. For customers who already have online access to their account, the company is validating the “My Account” profiles of existing customers. For many customers with existing account profiles, this will require that they request a new security code from Veracity Networks and use it as explained on the “My Account” site.

Access to Account Information at Retail Locations:

Customers seeking access to account information at company retail outlets will need to produce a valid photo ID (generally a driver’s license or other ID issued by a government).

Notifications of Certain Account Changes:

In addition to changes outlined above regarding access account information, the company will be notifying customers whenever a password, customer response to a back-up means of authentication for lost or forgotten password (such as a secret question and answer), online account, or address of record is created or changed. These notifications may be sent to a postal or e-mail address, or by telephone, voicemail or text message.

Business Relationships and Exemption from the Rules:

Veracity Networks’ practices with respect to CPNI access and required notifications will essentially be the same for our residential and small business customers. However, in cases where Veracity Networks and a business have a contractual relationship, and the business has access to a dedicated account representative, the authentication processes used by the parties may be different and notifications might not be sent.

Questions or Comments:

The company has always been committed to safeguarding customer information. Our compliance with the new FCC rules is merely a continuation of our long-standing practices. If you have questions about this notice or about our specific commitment to the protection of your information, please contact us at 801-691-5800.