Meet the Swiss Army Knife of corporate telecom.

With an omni-channel contact center and enterprise-level unification, this app has everything.

Putting all your contacts and communication software into one application means a lot more than extra desktop space. When you make the switch to CC-One, you make the switch to better business—faster, more secure, and highly-streamlined business. Sounds great. So, what does Veracity’s Unified Communication (UC) really look like? UC is what happens when you get the bells and the whistles; it’s the app that brings together the omni-channel contact center and all the telecom necessities of an enterprise. Now you can reach your team and your team can reach their clients through a single user interface, using voice, mobility, presence, email, instant messaging, desktop sharing, directory services, and video.

Now, let’s talk about how that integration translates to good business. When your employees are able to work together or with customers more conveniently, more work gets done. BroadSoft’s Cloud is the boardroom that you can get to with the click of a button. There’s never been a more efficient place to meet. From the contact center to the enterprise—across multiple devices and varied platforms—everyone is invited. Install the ability to resolve issues in real-time.

CC-One was made to do more than make life easier for your employees, though. What’s on the other side of the corporate coin? (Or in this case, the other side of the phone call.) They’re the people who keep your business alive: the clients. Improving contact center capabilities improves the whole agent experience. When agent responsiveness goes up, so does customer satisfaction. Increasing effective communication across all channels creates consistency. Be consistently good with us.

All these improvements really start to pile up. Anecdotes from happy customers are good, but you need hard data. How do you measure the benefits of CC-One? We use analytics. The BroadSoft application offers you timely, relevant insights regarding agent performance. It does this through advanced service metrics, innovative technologies, and desktop analytics. Now, everyone in your company can find the information they need faster and you can monitor their performance. It’s not Big Brother, it’s BroadSoft.

Your business deserves the best, so get the app with everything.

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