Meet your new all-star: VCaaS Team-One.

It’s the best thing that’s happened to collaboration since the flip chart.

Your business works best when your employees work together—so, how do you foster a collaborative professional environment? Seminars and team-building exercises can be great, but we prefer something with more tech and no small talk. That’s why we offer one application that turns everyone into a team player. VCaaS Team-One is a unified collaboration tool, designed to make your business move faster and more efficiently. Teamwork has never been so simple.

Maybe you’re wondering why you haven’t heard about VCaaS Team before, but trust us—you were about to. As a fundamental member of BroadSoft’s innovative suite in telecom tech, this app is quickly becoming a standard for companies that value Unified Communications (UC). Already, over 135 service providers in 30 countries are using it and installing it for countless clients. Veracity Networks is a proud member of that 135 because telecom doesn’t stand still. Our customers get the benefit of cutting-edge communications because we keep up with the industry.

Staying updated is essential in the modern world. Everything from your car, to your clothes, to your cellphone should be up-to-date. VCaaS Team-One is no exception to this. Since its debut in November 2016, how has this application adapted to innovations in tech and changes in the business world? Answer: VCaaS Team got a makeover. In order to become a more refined experience that empowers the modern workforce, the app now has a deepened integration with BroadSoft UC solutions to improve video/audio capabilities, introductory artificial intelligence features, and a thoroughly refreshed user experience (UX). Who knew we could fit even more into a “whole package” situation?

Today, VCaaS Team-One is still the app that users around the world know and love (and it’s only getting better). It gives you and your team all the tools they need. Experience group chats, live meetings, file sharing, HD video and audio, smart guest access, and more—all while seamlessly integrating with countless business apps. We can’t wait to see what the VCaaS Team-One app looks like next year, but we’re confident that your business could use it right now.

Since VCaaS Team-One updates automatically through the Cloud, our experts only have to set it up once. We save you time and money with our on-site install, ongoing support, and free hardware for life. It’s time your business got the latest update. Collaboration is a team sport and this app is a win.

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