Great collaboration? There’s an app for that.

Your dream team is out there, but they can’t all make it to the same office. Bring them together with BroadSoft.

Today’s workplace relies on a new kind of workflow—instead of hard copies and boardroom meetings, things are getting done in cyberspace. This modern workflow, according to Forbes, is the “execution and automation of business processes” and “tasks, information or documents being passed from one participant to another…according to a set of procedural rules.” Bringing these elements together requires a system of Unified Communications (UC). UC is the only way for remote workers to connect and it’s the best way for work to flow.

The ability to work from anywhere has given rise to freelancing and outsourcing throughout the working world. Many companies now need third-party entities to function at their best. For your business to thrive, you might need to hire outside contractors or agencies. Luckily, the highly-specialized and varied skill sets that you’re looking for are just an invitation away.

The BroadSoft Business application suite allows any workspace member to invite an external guest into the online workspace—all you need is their email address. When all you need is an email, it’s easier than ever to diversify your team. If you haven’t learned the importance of teamwork by now, it’ll hurt your brand (and your basketball team). We know that teamwork requires good communication and good communication requires an open, safe, and collaborative environment. Include customers and vendors in group chats, live meetings, online task lists and shared files, all on one collaboration app.

This is the part when your IT manager might start to worry, but we have a great reason to relax. When your telecom is Hosted by Veracity, your telecom is safe. We use BroadSoft because their application restricts guest access and secures workspaces based on what their specific invitations allow. Anything shared in the online workspace, even links that connect to third-party application (such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) retain all the security parameters of the storage solution. Great ideas are going to happen in your online workspace; Veracity is going to protect them. It’s time to create a cooperative workplace.

All the tech, telecom and software is out there. Why wait? It’s never been easier to create your all-star roster. Your company’s best work is about to happen in BroadSoft’s open and secure online workspace. Collaboration has never been this seamless. Consider this your official invitation: contact us now.

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