Everyone’s going. You should get there first.

There aren’t a lot of easy decisions in business, but it’s never been easier to take telecom to the Cloud.

All of the top telco analysts agree: migrating to cloud communications should be one of your company’s main goals in 2018. You might be thinking, “my business phone system is already working,” but what if it was working harder? Compared to Veracity’s Unified Communications as a Service (VCaaS), your old private branch exchange (PBX) starts to look a little lazy. Having on-site PBX boxes means more wires and fewer features—their days are numbered. Don’t worry. Cloud PBX is here to pick up the slack.

Let’s take a look at what your small- to medium-sized business stands to gain by switching to Unified Communications (UC) with one of the leading service providers (that’s us). Since Veracity’s UC is powered by BroadSoft, our clients get more than the basics when they migrate: our Cloud completely replaces your on-site PBX, it offers reliable video and conferencing tools, mobile apps that your team can access on the go, seamless integration, competitive pricing, and airtight security. These features and more are what make VCaaS an integral part of your newly-improved and cohesive workforce.

The way the Cloud increases productivity and job satisfaction will make you feel like you hired someone new. Hire this tech before your competition does. It’s your employee of the month every month, but it will never ask for a raise (or spill coffee in the breakroom). Give your growing brand the advantages of an established enterprise; we can install the same single, unifying experience that the corporate giants get. Big things are about to happen in your virtual meeting room. We can feel it.

Would you like to take VCaaS for a test drive before you upgrade? Take it for a spin—for free.

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