Download a little cooperation.

When you get Team-One, you get the app that turns everybody into a team player.

In 2017, a survey found that 86% of employees and executives attributed workplace failures to a lack of collaboration or ineffective communication techniques. Numbers like this are just too big to ignore. Judging by that percentage, it seems that even the most independent workers have felt the value of teamwork—or at least the resulting disadvantages from a lack thereof. This is how the modern workplace moves: lots of specialized people, pushing big projects along. Everyone has to be in the loop and the “loop” has to be reliable. This is where Team-One comes in. Welcome to the virtual loop.

As we’ve said before, your modern workplace needs modern technology. Does the thought of a company-wide telecom revamp make you a little queasy? That’s normal, but let’s examine our options. You can stick to business-as-usual or you can improve. We vote for “improve.” Instead of resisting this rising demand for more advanced Unified Communications (UC), lean into it. Don’t let your business get swept away by corporate enterprises with all the best in business telephony. With us, you can get the same cloud capabilities, network security, collaboration apps, and analytics reports as the big brands—and you can get it in one place. (We promise it’s not as complicated as it sounds.)

As an industry-leader and network provider, it’s our job at Veracity to find tier-one telecom tools and offer them to local businesses. As a business-owner, it’s your job to use them. We give our clients access to everything they need through the BroadSoft Team-One app. It’s the star-player of the BroadSoft Business roster. Why? Let’s look at what it has to offer.

  1. Bring it in, team. This app gets all your work in one place. Say goodbye to opening folder after folder to find an old project.
  2. Your other favorite apps are there, too. Team-One doesn’t push out other players. It integrates and works with them.
  3. It has all the tools you need and you have access from anywhere. Group chats, live meetings, and file sharing can happen from anytime and from any device.
  4. You probably already have a Team-One account. No, seriously. Just use your Google credentials to log in.
  5. App invitations have never been easier. Just type in a coworker’s email and boom, they’re in.
  6. Team-One speaks computer. It supports markdown language, so your team can share pieces of code and format messages to their exact specifications.

BroadSoft Team-One is making teamwork easy. It’s the best way to give your business a boost in synergy—and it’s only getting better. We expect big things for telecom in the coming year. Don’t tackle all the major updates by yourself. Remember, the best work is a team effort. Instead of going it alone, give us a call. Get Team-One. This is collaboration made easy. This is Veracity powered by BroadSoft.

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