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Meridian West Consultants - Veracity Networks

Meridian West Consultants

Located in Midvale, Utah, Meridian West Consultants provides a fluent mix of creative vision and business-management know-how to small, medium and large companies located across the globe. Since 2001, Meridian West has provided services for more than 120 projects with an aggregate value of nearly $25 billion. Its personnel bring 50 years of combined experience in proposal and management expertise.


The Challenge

Meridian West began searching for a more cost-effective telecommunications service and was curious to compare its current provider’s pricing against other local vendors. Meridian West was also interested to upgrade its network technology, which was limited and in need ofrepair. Email access and phone calls were extremely vital for Meridian West employees who communicated daily with national and international customers. The company’s IT consultant recommended Veracity Networks for its increased Internet speed and feature-rich telephone service at a fraction of the current cost, but also for its industry-leading network technology.


Local Solution

In the fall of 2011, Meridian West hired Veracity Networks to invest in its new fiber-optic network for Internet and phone services. Through these services, Meridian West was no longer hindered by limited bandwidth due to limited technology. In addition to installing 12 separate phone numbers to Meridian West’s office, Veracity also added an additional phone line for another tenant renting office space in its building. Transitioning to these new services drastically cut Meridian West’s telecom costs by 50 percent compared to its previous provider.


World-Class Results

With Veracity-enabled Internet speeds of 1 Gbps, Meridian West staff instantly recognized a noticeable difference in faster video downloading time. Its executives and IT staff also noted and appreciated the personal interest from the Veracity Networks service department.

“I am really happy with Veracity Networks’ current services and updated technology,” said Kelly LaDue, Manager and Co-Owner of Meridian West Consultants. “It was an investment to get fiber, but that investment has already paid itself off by eliminating 50 percent of our previous provider’s monthly cost. Veracity Networks’ services have enabled Meridian West to be better in its business by being very responsive to any questions it has about service expansions or additional products. I would definitely recommend Veracity’s reliable services to anyone or any businesses.”

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