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Medicity - Veracity Networks


Medicity Utilizes Veracity Networks Phone Features in its 24-Hour Call Center


As a medical records delivery service, Medicity takes doctors, physicians and hospitals away from the archaic limitations of faxing to electronic transmittal. Medicity provides software solutions that enable healthcare providers to easily access and securely exchange patient information, enhance physician-to-physician collaboration and encourage patients to proactively manage their health. Medicity assists thousands of users across a broad spectrum of hospitals, health systems, physician practices and communities nationwide.


The Challenge

Medicity utilized PRI data lines (pre-SIP technology) concentrated through a Quantum Switch that also provided the connectivity to outdated Windows 2003 server technology that would randomly, and without warning, reboot itself. The company operates a 24-hour call center that requires constant connectivity. Anytime Medicity’s IT team had an issue, they never felt like a priority to their telecommunications provider. As an industry leader in innovation, the Medicity team felt these deficiencies in technology and customer service could no longer be tolerated.


Local Solution

Medicity selected Veracity Networks for local assistance with its network. Veracity provided phone features with the needed capacity of 10 Mbps data. Veracity’s technicians worked with Medicity to keep its existing SIP phones, Aastra 9133s and Ciscos. This saved the company a substantial amount by avoiding the purchase of new phone and network hardware.


World-Class Results

Since switching to Veracity Networks, Medicity has experienced significantly less network down time. Medicity also values the relationship with its dedicated Veracity representative and their team of techs who identify and resolve issues quickly.


“We do not have an onsite tech dedicated to phones,” said Joe Sorensen, Corporate IT Team Lead for Medicity. “Rather than being the desktop guy that had to fix the phones at all hours of the day, I’m now the desktop guy who can call Veracity at any time to have them fix the problem.”


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