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Absolute Restoration - Veracity Networks

Absolute Restoration

Absolute Restoration provides restoration work for insurance companies when residentialhomes or office buildings are damaged by fire or water. It has two offices located in Lindon and St. George, Utah.


The Challenge

Absolute Restoration started using Veracity Networks in 2009 to provide T1 Internet and phoneservices. It originally transitioned to its services because of cost savings. However, as itsinvolvement progressed, Absolute Restoration realized that Veracity was providing even betterservices than its previous provider at almost half the cost.


Local Solution

Veracity Networks eliminated Absolute Restoration’s worry about being able to make phonecalls or access the Internet. On its previous provider, Absolute often lost service for an entireday once or twice a month. Important customer calls were missed and its business was unableto function. An efficient telecommunications network is critical to Absolute Restoration becauseit doesn’t have walk-in business. Every missed call or minute offline is money lost. Veracity’snext-generation Internet and ultra-clear phone features were instantly recognized by Absolute’s23 employees who no longer competed for Internet connection or were interrupted from theirdaily tasks by inactive phone lines.


World-Class Results

“Not only has Veracity saved me 40 percent in phone and Internet services, but as a small-business owner it has also been great to work with,” said Chad Morris, owner of AbsoluteRestoration. “I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality and consistency of service theyprovide. I enjoy all the benefits of working with a local company and appreciate their personalfollow-up to questions or concerns. Every business has its ups and downs, but I know thatVeracity will work with me to get everything moving forward and on the right track.”

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