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Platinum Service Standard - Veracity Networks

Platinum Service Standard

98% Customer Satisfaction


We guarantee that you will have a great experience as a Veracity customer. From the moment you complete the paperwork, your account is assigned to one of our professional installation coordinators to ensure your successful conversion. Your coordinator is pro actively involved throughout the entire transition. This process starts with a preliminary phone call to make sure your services are ordered to your exact specifications. Your installation coordinator will follow up with you after the installation to verify that all services are converted correctly and accurately before your account is turned over to our customer relations team. Once converted to our services, your assigned customer relations representative will answer your questions and requests quickly and efficiently without long hold times or an automated system. You’ll know your customer relations representative by name and you’ll understand that you’re a valued member of our Veracity family—not just a number.


1-1-3 Peace of Mind Program


At Veracity Networks, we are always striving to improve how we take care of our customers. One way we do this is our 1-1-3 process, where we initiate quality assurance and satisfaction calls to new customers at the 1-week, 1-month, and 3-month marks. This process ensures that you will have the necessary information and resources to fully enjoy your services. By initiating these communication points, we not only establish a stronger relationship, but ensure that your experience is a positive one. By implementing this 1-1-3 program, we have reached a 98% customer satisfaction rating – and that’s our Platinum Service Standard.

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