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Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) - Veracity Networks

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)

Our Technology, Our Flexibility:
Veracity Networks can customize our solutions to meet customers’ specific needs.

  • Need a physical portal per service? A physical Ethernet port for Internet, another for MPLS/VPLS, and a physical interface forvoice? Veracity Networks has your solution.
  • Want all of your services stacked on a single Ethernet port with 802.1q tagging? Veracity Networks has your solution.
  • Want Fiber instead of Ethernet hand-off? Veracity Networks has your solution. Our devices support both Single-mode and Multi-mode SFP optics.
Custom Solutions




Monitoring and Diagnostic Software:

Veracity Networks has an entire suite of tools and monitoring platforms that allow us to quickly and efficiently support our customers.
Some of these tools are:

  • Custom logins allowing you to see circuit status, network utilization, and any accumulated errors.
  • Customized S-Flow and N-Flow monitoring solutions which allow Veracity Networks to identify a customer’s traffic make up, including how much traffic goes to the web, peer-to-peer, top-talking IP addresses, and more.
  • Constantly monitor voice traffic.
  • Automatically notified if issues are detected so we can proactively start working on resolution.
  • Calculates a MOS score for each call you place or receive from Veracity.


User Logins


MPLS/VPLS Flexibility:

Veracity Networks has significant flexibility in the way we can design and implement any of your P2P, MPLS or VPLS needs. We support
classic MPLS implementation (layer VRF), P2P connections (layer 2 connections through VPLS), and if needed we can provide PBB and
QinQ connections (VLAN within a VLAN stacking through VPLS).


We also support 1540-byte MTUs throughout 95% of our nationwide MPLS network. This allows our customers to send and receive 1500-byte
packets regardless of design, avoiding the packet fragmentation that is one of the major drawbacks to legacy VPNS.


Private Network

Best SLA


Why Veracity Managed MPLS/VPLS solutions?

While MPLS/VPLS technology has become standardized, the process by which these services are designed and deployed is very specialized. Veracity Networks delivers customized managed solutions, which separate us from our competitors. Veracity Networks has designed a National MPLS/VPLS Network which includes multiple NNI connections with virtually every local loop provider in the nation. This network design ensures that Veracity can deliver the most stable and complete MPLS/VPLS solution in the industry. Veracity Networks has developed relationships with multiple NNI providers, guaranteeing that our customers receive the best SLA’s and MTTR standards in the industry. Veracity Networks customized MPLS/VPLS solutions support the industry’s most advanced QOS technologies, allowing you to prioritize mission-critical services over normal and low-priority internet traffic.


Standard Plumbing Supply

Having more than sixty-five locations spread over eight states has taught us how critical it is to have a network service provider that can work with us as a partner, no matter the hour of the day or day of the week. Thank you for being the partnership we can always count on for support and service. We appreciate your commitment and partnership.

– CEO of Standard Plumbing Supply

Clyde Companies

One of the deciding factors in choosing Veracity Networks from the beginning was your selling point on providing local support, and I am happy to report that you have lived up to all your promises to provide 24/7 live local support. We have never had an issue getting a hold of someone, and our questions are always answered quickly. Thanks for your partnership.

– Manager for Mountain Contractors Supply Group

Mountain Land Supply

I had to chuckle a bit when one of your competitors came in pitching this “New Product” called MPLS. You should have seen the look on the salesman’s face when I told him we have been running MPLS with Veracity Networks for eight years! We have been extremely happy with the reliability and local support and look forward to many more years of stellar service!

– Information Technology Director

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