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Foster the perfect online space for cross-company collaboration with Veracity Team-One.

Improving telecom within your business can have benefits that reach far beyond the office doors. You’ve been paying attention, so you already know that the communication tools your team uses have a serious effect on workflow. Now, let’s think a little bigger. Look outside your own brand. What can Unified Communications (UC) do for your clients, your vendors, and the other companies you do business with? (Hint: it can do a lot.)

Thanks to constant innovations in cyberspace, the way we work is always changing. The days of physical copies and in-house meetings are dwindling. Nearly everything that a business-owner could need is online—countless agencies, experts, and databases are at your fingertips. You’ve got plenty to work with. The tricky part is making it work for you. Luckily, there’s an app for getting the most out of these external resources and relationships: meet Veracity Team-One.

At Veracity, we offer the Team-One app from BroadSoft. It’s their one-of-a-kind electronic workspace, and it’s the best way to bring your external contractors, agencies, outsourcers, and other third parties all together. All you need to invite external guests is an email address. Your clients, vendors, and collaborators are a click away. Using a single app, they can easily be added to chats, meeting streams, shared files, and team tasks. You don’t have to be an IT expert to take advantage of Team-One (and your IT experts will thank you for that).

Don’t be a hermit in business. Invite some guests over for your Team-One party. Mingle with a broader range of skills, and get familiar with some better prices. Introduce your brand to potential business partners. The age of collaboration is here, and there’s an app for it. For business-owners who value collaboration, Team-One is a must. It was built to make bridge-building easier. 

See what Team-One looks like on your company with a free analysis.

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